Let’s talk about running!  Most people I think have a love or hate relationship with running.  Take me and Nick for example, I love running and he hates it.  For me running is my “me time.”  I love just getting lost in my thoughts and let my stresses go away for a little bit.

Ever since high-school I have always loved running and it has been one of my exercises of choices to stay in shape.  This upcoming May I will be running in my 5th half marathon, which I am really excited about.  This picture is from last year’s half marathon which was the race I was most proud to accomplish.

It was not my fastest race but it was the first race after having the boys.  Running this race gave me a  great sense of accomplishment because it was so exciting to see the boys cheering me on and the look on their faces when they found me after the race that they were proud and excited for me!  I want to show my boys that you can do anything you set your mind to and no matter what you can do it!

For this race I ran my long runs on the weekends when Nick was able to be home with the boys and made sure to run short runs during the week even if it meant pushing the boys in the stroller on the trail!  I was determined to stick to my training schedule!

My love for Barre3

I also attribute the ease of last year’s race and my strong legs to Barre3.  I have been going to Barre3 at least 4 times a week for almost 2 years.  My legs along with my arms are the strongest they have been in years.  If you are not familiar with Barre3 classes they are a full body workout that incorporates ballet and pilates moves along with weights for some cardio that gives you a total body workout.  I am serious when I say my legs are so strong and I believe my half marathon last year was such a breeze due to Barre3.

I remember my first half marathon in 2011 and I was probably 30 pounds lighter than I am now but I could barely finish the race and was in so much pain.  All because I didn’t train that well.

It really goes to show that with setting your mind to a goal and executing it, you can do it!  So last year I ran the race the heaviest I have ever been (thanks to pregnancies, I wouldn’t change it though) but the race felt so good and was a breeze to finish all because I trained and wanted to show my boys that you can do anything you set your mind to!

So whether you have never put on a pair of running shoes or are training for your first marathon you can do it!

Training Schedules

5K Schedule for Beginners

10K Training Schedule

Half Marathon Training Schedule


  • Always train wearing the shoes you are going to wear on race day!  You want to make sure that you break in your shoes and that they are comfortable.  The last thing you want on race day is a blister or broken ankle!
  • Know what outfit you are going to wear on race day too!  I have certain leggings that I can only wear running because they stay in place as I run.  Plus you don’t want any chaffing from uncomfortable activewear.  Since I have discovered leggings with side pockets I will only wear those when I run because my phone fits in perfectly, leaving me hands free!
  • Create your playlist beforehand.  I have a “running” playlist on my phone with all of my favorite rap and fast country songs.  When I run to this playlist I get lost in my songs and forget that I have 8 more miles to go.  Plus the songs keep me motivated and want to run faster!
  • Run hills during your training runs.  It will make the actual race a breeze.  I always incorporate training on bigger hills than I will actually see on race day because when you train harder the race course will feel so much easier.
  • Running on a treadmill is so much different from pavement.  If you train on the treadmill that is great but make sure to incorporate some outside runs on pavement.  It is a little harder on your joints and I run at a slower pace outside than I do on the treadmill.

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